Healthy, well-performing pensions are possible.

It’s time for a modern, transformational approach to the future pension market: one in which there is an agreement about what will mitigate risk and keep our people, our organizations, and our global society safe and secure.

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Pension Clarity shows you how to address insufficiencies and opportunities in pension planning for the future, and how to build effective, secure, and reliable pension plans that mitigate risk.

You’ll learn how to design pensions for financial security, how to assess existing benefit plans to minimize costs and maximize value, how to create pension plans that are designed to benefit individuals, and how to engage employees in the pension process. You’ll also find out how to build responsiveness into your business environment by embracing new solutions that empower executives with up-to-date information and projections.

The fact is, pension management is not only about one business and one set of employees, but also about how we manage the steps we take towards the future. In an ever-evolving world, we can make a difference through strategic pension management. But actualizing the future we want to see depends wholly on our ability to lead.

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“Catherine has managed to take the often difficult and dry subject of pension management and written an easy-to-understand framework to look at the questions that leaders involved in pension management need to consider beyond the actuarial tables. She shows that a successful pension is more than predicting funds in and funds out, but rather an experience for employees to motivate the focus on what the business needs rather than what a table of numbers suggests.”

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About the author

M. Catherine Miller, FSA, ACIA, the managing partner of Marris + Miller, brings transformational, democratic leadership to pension planning and strategy. Through the firm’s visionary work in this field, Catherine provides clarity on some of the most complex issues of the day: while pension plans in some of the world’s largest companies are failing, we look at how to build transparency and accountability into every level of pension management, so that businesses and the people who run them and work for them can remain confident in their choices. Catherine believes that leadership is the pathway to a new way of looking at pensions, where strategic thinking and transformational visioning result in healthy companies, ready to take on a new generation of positive and sustainable business change.

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