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Pensions and Planning: It’s All About Leadership

February 01, 2019

It’s an exciting new year.

At Marris + Miller, we believe that businesses and organizations need renewed optimism for their pensions.

In order to build a prosperous future for people, business and society to compete and to win, we’ve decided that leadership has to be at the centre of our decision-making process.

In our new paper on what to expect for pensions in 2019, we outline exactly what you need to know for the next twelve months.

How do we define leadership in such transformations? Is it fairness? Ownership? A will to manage? Using examples from the public and private sector, we’re discussing how to address these insufficiencies and opportunities in pension planning, and what major trends will define the pension agenda in 2019.

Leadership isn’t just about creating big visions for the future. It’s also about being realistic about our expectations for pensions. A company needs to be able to look critically at how they are undertaking to support employees and motivate them to achieve the goals set out before them in order to be successful. This requires mitigating management ideals with true leadership techniques. What this means in practical terms is that we have to get away from the mechanics of pension planning and regulations and recognize that what determines success is the purpose that pensions provide for the people in a company, and how we work towards leadership as a foundation for transforming pension dynamics over both the short and the long term.

Where should you focus your energy this coming year? In this paper, we discover just how much our risk management has to do with leadership, rather than with crunching numbers alone, and look at how to build sustainability and simplicity into our pension planning process.

This is only the first step: over the next year, we’ll examine how to build incentive, growth, and value into every step of the pension planning process. Every month, we’ll outline a new step forward.

Let’s go!

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