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The State of Pensions 2019: Strategically Simple

January 01, 2019

After a few years of intensive shifts that have made pension markets more volatile than many would have liked, the year ahead will be an awakening after the reckoning of 2018—a time for pension plans to look at opportunities and not just at surmounting challenges.

Sustained low growth is likely on the forecast for 2019, but it is going to take some work.

The risks that were evident in pension planning in the past were connected to the fact that there were so many loopholes in corporate and organizational policy frameworks for the pension market.

In our new paper on what to expect for pensions in 2019, we examine some of the challenges that companies and organizations have faced in the last year, and explore why they have been so deeply problematic in planning ahead, as well as dealing with past risks.

We’ll talk about the importance of ownership, sustainability, and simplicity: three key words that should drive your pension leadership and planning for the next year. We know that management-led short term planning may lead to unexpected risks, which need to be mitigated by long term strategic efforts that place the focus on the individual and company equally, as co-stakeholders in the outcomes of the firm. Planning for dynamic change needs to happen requires leadership, but it also requires companies and organizations to drill down to discovery and management on all levels.

What are the resources and focal points that are required for success in pension management? In building a cohesive and reflective leadership aim and management practice that takes into account the consideration of employee needs, as well as a commitment to risk management, companies can leverage their pension assets in a way that benefits all stakeholders.

This paper will help set the stage for what’s to come next. And, even more importantly, over the next year, we’ll examine how to build incentive, growth, and value into every step of the pension planning process.

We’re excited that you’re on board.

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