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Inaugural Interview with Bre-An Appler and Catherine Miller

July 09, 2019










Welcome to our show, Let’s Talk Pensions Podcast, with The Inaugural Talk with Bre-An Appler and Catherine Miller. Catherine begins by briefly sharing about her journey with pensions as a collaboration with many top people in the industry. Catherine shares that everything Marris + Miller does is in partnership with their clients, to help them ensure successful pensions that will bring hope for the future. She encourages that pension planning must make sense for both the pension plan AND for the business.

With the whole industry going through a paradigm shift, this means that regulations are shifting to a more risk-based, principle-based model. Marris + Miller wants to support this industry change and instead of talking about pensions with a client, they want to open a supportive conversation to help create that success in pensions. And for pensions to work, they must also work for business and the people.


Catherine Miller’s Bio:
As the Managing Partner of Marris + Miller, Catherine Miller helps business leaders build the capacity to balance risk and positive outcomes that serve all stakeholders. Catherine believes that leadership is the pathway to a new and more success-oriented way of looking at pensions, that result in healthy companies to take on a new generation of positive and sustainable business change.

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