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Podcast Interview with Bre-An Appler and Dianne Verschuere

November 01, 2019

Welcome to our show, Let’s Talk Pensions Podcast, with Episode #3 TalkEducation is Key to Pension Literacy, with Bre-An Appler and Dianne Verschuere, of Verschuere Consulting. Dianne shares her passion for improving financial literacy and her intention to “pay it forward” in the industry.

We talk about transparency with fees and commission and what alternatives are available for those wanting a different approach to investing and saving for their future.

Dianne shares that financial literacy and education is the key to feeling confident and creating a secure financial future.


Dianne Verschuere’s Bio:
Dianne has 35 years of diverse and progressive experience in all facets of the Pension and Capital Accumulation realm. She is a strategic thinker, operational leader and change agent who has made significant contributions to the business practices of various consulting and actuarial firms, mutual fund companies and insurers to deliver superior client service.

With her culmination of experience Dianne assists companies through a disciplined approach, to manage their CAP programs, develop processes, and ensure governance standards are met. She acts as a resource assisting plan sponsors to develop innovative and successful retirement programs to meet both their corporate and employee needs. She supports companies to correlate their objectives with outcomes.

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