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Podcast Interview with Bre-An Appler and Randy Bauslaugh

September 24, 2019

Welcome to our show, Let’s Talk Pensions Podcast, with Episode #2 TalkSeeing the Big Pension Picture, with Bre-An Appler and Randy Bauslaugh, of McCarthy Tetrault. Randy shares about his role in the pension industry as a whole, including involvement on an international scale.  He also shares his involvement in many different organizations and levels of the industry, that help him not only give legal views, but also allow him to contribute back to the industry.

Randy explains why he chose the pension track over anything else in the legal field. He also speaks to a big picture perspective and the role of leadership in the industry. Randy shares what he sees that needs to change in the industry, regarding an evolution away from single employer pension plans, toward a multi-employer plan.


Randy Bauslaugh’s Bio:
Randy Bauslaugh leads McCarthy Tétrault’s national Pensions, Benefits & Executive Compensation practice.

Randy has been involved with many of the leading pension and benefit cases over the past 30 years. He is presently counsel to the administrator of the Canadian Nortel pension plans, a lead creditor in the world-wide bankruptcy proceedings. He has experience advising on plan governance, plan design, plan mergers, restructurings and conversions, surplus repatriation, and deficit management. Randy has led negotiations relating to pension and benefit issues, and has also acted as a mediator and arbitrator in pension related labour disputes. He has reviewed, negotiated and helped implement investment de-risking strategies. Randy’s clients include public and private companies, appointed administrators of wound up plans, financial institutions, joint boards of trustees, and Canadian and foreign governments; for example Randy has advised the Government of Ontario, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut on pension policy and legislation and the governments of Bermuda, Jamaica, and India on public pension issues and pension standards.

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