The Future Tech of Pensions

December 03, 2019

Executive Summary

Over the last few years, FinTech companies, namely thosewho have invented new techological solutions for the financial services industry, have transformed the financial services space. Pensions are their big target, and we’ve already been observing how some FinTech tactics have made pension management less expensive and easier to implement.

Can we leverage FinTech for the betterment of all of our pensions, both for organizations and for investors? All the present time, event though these tools sound like assets on the surface, not all of the options are clear. Experts in the field suggest that it may be risky to leap into FinTech when many of its services are new and untested. Even so, doing so may be revolutionarily positive for pension management in the coming decade.

This paper discusses the high-tech scope of future retirement options, the possibility of increasing flexibility for pension funds through more avenues of investment targeting younger workfcrces, and the use of end-to-end digital processes to decrease costs for the future of pensions. These options, if the risks can be mitigated, could drive up revenues for companies and savings for pension investors.

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