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High stakes decisions: businesses are more active in managing their pension funds. We help you manage pension risks in the changing landscape beyond the traditional way of pension management.

At Marris + Miller, we transform your pension management plan so that your team can lower your risks, increase your employee engagement, and create value inside and outside your company.

What we do best

Marris + Miller solutions are built to transform the way pension work gets done fundamentally. Our process doesn’t start with numbers or actuarial calculations. Working with some of the most highly-regarded actuaries and lawyers in the field, we take on the toughest assignments and develop strategies with a stakeholder approach in mind. The actual valuation process is challenging and abstract, so we look at your business aims, your industry, and your objectives as a company to find a bespoke solution to your goals.

We want to lower your business stress and pension strain so that you can focus on what you do best.

Case Studies

Innovative Leader, 68% improvement in pension service delivery efficiency.

We can’t take all the credit for that, but we can take credit for the program that makes it possible. It’s called Blue Hexagon™, a Marris & Miller-led network that brings together the best minds in the pension industry and gives them all the technology to work as one to ensure a stable environment with greater resilience in the face of market disturbances.

Together we can prepare more comprehensive and far quicker assessment of your pension resources to address questions of how to stabilize funding or reduce debt, for example.

Marris + Miller will transform the way you think about pension management so that you can transform your business.

Case Studies

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Actuarial numbers are abstract, and general services have left business leaders frustrated and powerless. We help you grasp the full magnitude of pension costs and risks, not just the numbers on paper.

Case Studies

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