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Case Studies

Working closely with our corporate clients on their pension issues strengthens the advice we can give them, especially when transformational events such as defined benefit pension financial settlements, funding policy changes, and governance and compliance responses unfold.

Here are some recent wins we’ve achieved for our clients.


Irreversible promises.

In reviewing a client’s pension plan, Marris + Miller identified a benefit on a union agreement promised by the company. It turns out; the full cost of this promise was not defined for the management. While current liabilities were reasonable, there was cost trigger waiting to happen five years down the line. Once we reviewed […]

Innovative Leader

Do more with less.

With budgets getting tighter, executives need to do more with less. Pension costing shouldn’t be the exception. A collaboration with some firms helped our client cut service costs by almost 60%. Marris + Miller negotiated an agreement to streamline processes more than traditional data reconciliation approaches, and the result was a massive decrease in service […]

Representative Work

Look beyond compliance and rules.

In an executive pension-related project, we were asked to advise on the pension process, but after reviewing the numbers and the company, we took a more strategic approach and looked at tax consequences and stakeholder relations as well. The result of our work was an estimated tax saving of over two million dollars, as well […]

Innovative Leader

Pensions have hidden costs.

Marris + Miller identified pension cost savings during a merger and acquisition process. We recognized hidden liabilities that were neglected by both the legal counsel and the previous actuaries, and the result was our client not only saved 5% on purchase price and but also identified an estimated 3.4 million dollars in savings of future […]

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