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The Team

Marris + Miller brings together talented, committed, passionate people who want to make an impact.

Working with some of the most highly-regarded actuaries and lawyers in the field, we take on the toughest assignments and develop strategies with a stakeholder approach in mind.

When you need advice on important pension governance or strategic decisions, we draw on our expertise across practices to shape the best plan possible. We leverage our strong relations with government and regulatory agencies, as well as leading actuarial and law firms in other jurisdictions to extend our reach and help ensure a successful outcome.

This level of adaptability means that we’re equipped to identify strategic human resources for each project, and bring together bespoke teams to meet objectives faster, at a more reasonable rate, and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Business leaders know the value of having a management advisor with actuarial expertise on board through all stages of pension decisions. That’s what brings lasting success, and that’s what you can count on from our team.

Our Leadership

M. Catherine Miller, FSA, ACIA, the Managing Partner of Marris + Miller, brings transformational, democratic leadership to pension planning and strategy. Knowing that our pension systems constitute the world’s largest reserve of capital, Catherine realizes that pensions are more than a group of individual retirement plans. Not only is does strategic pension management provide both pension planners and future retirees with a sense of security in their futures, but Catherine suggests that there is a need to recognize pensions’ role in the overarching way our businesses, and, in fact, our global economy, is run. Pensions need to provide hope for the future, and business leaders need to create capacity for change so that there is a balance between risk and outcomes that serves all stakeholders. Actuarial science may be complex, but our firm provide strategic options that work. Through the firm’s visionary work in this field, Catherine provides clarity on some of the most complex issues of the day: while pension plans in some of the world’s largest companies are failing, We look at how to build transparency and accountability into every level of pension management, so that businesses and the people who run them and work for them can remain confident in their choices. Catherine believes that leadership is the pathway to a new way of looking at pensions, where strategic thinking and transformation visioning result in healthy companies, ready to take on a new generation of positive and sustainable business change.

Careers at Marris + Miller

Love actuarial pension work but want aspiration for greater impact. Let’s work together to transform the profession you love.

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