We look at pension plans with a business mind.

Our team includes some of the most highly-regarded actuaries and lawyers in pension and benefits in the country.

Across the spectrum of regulatory reporting and pension transformation issues – from collective bargaining reviews to ongoing actuarial filings – our team combines industry-leading knowledge with practical strategies to help our clients resolve the most complicated challenges in pension management today.

At Marris + Miller, we distinguish our pension consulting services by

Providing focused advisory services on high-stakes matters

Cutting through the complexities and fuzziness

Keeping our communication understandable and straightforward

Offering tailored strategies to help our clients achieve long-term objectives for their workplace pension program

We actively assist our clients in managing the pension plans to mitigate risks with

  • Proactive regulatory response
  • Assistance in member communication and understanding
  • Pension intelligence that empowers business leaders

We create prosperity and pension security for our clients.

We are a boutique firm offering an unmatched level of personalized service and an innovative approach to integrated pension risk management.

Marris + Miller will transform the way you think about pension management so that you can transform your business.

We believe in making pensions work for businesses, employees, and society.

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Our Principles

Small changes make a big impact.

At Marris + Miller our services offer intelligent simplicity, educating you to make the best decisions for your organization.

We are not afraid, we are inspired!

We stand behind modern organizations who want to thrive to create a prosperous future for people and society.

At Marris + Miller we value our clients, their employees, and our collaborative partners.

We believe that we can have a positive impact on the performances of management and the lives of employees by eliminating financial stress.

The Best & Brightest

As a boutique firm, we collaborate with the best and brightest specialists, giving us the ability to create clear and optimized plans.

Our Work
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